Bokseul & Lee Yiyoung DAUM Webtoon Artists Exclusive Lecture

October 20th Saturday, learn what the world is like as a webtoon artist from a professional!! – Bokseul & Lee Yiyoung DAUM Webtoon Artists Exclusive Lecture

Ab Entertainment has been steadily supporting webtoon artists through its webtoon academy branch Wecomics. 

Wecomics offers professional active webtoon instructors that follow a tight curriculum crafted for growth and achievement.

In addition, we have invited a variety of artists who had their work published on platforms such as Naver and Daum so that aspiring artists can have the chance to interactively learn from these mentors.

Until now, <Itaewon Class>’ Gwang Jin, <Tale of Fairy>’s Dolbae, and many more have been invited out to our seminars to promote the awareness and development of the webtoon community.

Newcomers are all welcome whether you are under contract or not with ab Entertainment

This time, we have prepared the opportunity for everyone to meet two artists instead of one at the same time~

On the Saturday of October 20th 2018,  we will be hosting Bokseul and Lee Yiyoung, artists who have published the renown works <Our School’s Mrs. Kim> and <Garang Garang>.

<Our School’s Mrs. Kim>

The story unfolds throughout the relationships between Suzy, the professor, Sunwoo, and Haneul. With the school as the background, many people will be able to relate with the references made from teachers and students alike. (At one point, we were all once students in the past ). 

<Garang Garang>.

The female character ‘Namsae’, who has difficulty making decisions with even the smallest of things, decides fate through the flip of a coin by seeing whether it comes out as heads or tails. However, good things continue to happen and the character begins to find a new self through the use of the coin.

Two projects are loved for its bubbly style, and its lovely expressions which garnered steady followers after being published. We believe it is essential to hear the words that can be learned from these two talented individuals.

To hear of an experience before the venture is a privilege in any business you’re in.

If you’re an aspiring artist, don’t miss this opportunity!!!!

Wecomics (Anibugs) Bundang Center Address:

25-2 Elegance Building 1Dong 4th Floor, Gumi-dong, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyunggido